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Working alone in a world which often requires a lot of different skills and tools just to survive is definitely a bad idea and the people who are the most successful often gathered a group of people to help them with their idea or project. Most people never really trust anyone else as much as they trust themselves but you can always find good help if you look deep enough. For example, while you are attending college, you will often meet a lot of people who share similar interests with you and they will probably be interested in your idea. The thing that matters the most is the amount of effort they are ready to invest. If you can’t find anyone you know in person, try finding helpful people on websites.


The assignment you are ready to trust another person with should be explained it detail and any shroud of doubt should be erased and out of question. You should always set clear guidelines and deadlines if you expect high-quality performance. On the other hand, the other person should also actively participate in the process and ask a lot of questions before getting to work.