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Društvo 40.876 pregleda May 22, 2014
Pismo za Google - We need you NOW

Dear friends, 

Yesterday my team sent you an email about catastrophic floods in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia. The consequences of floods are such that it will take decades to overcome them. This has never happened in these countries before. 

Tens of thousands of people were left homeless in a few minutes, and too many children suffer from this. There are a large number of images and video clips of their suffering all over the Internet. 

We are very grateful for what you've paid attention and put the information on Google crisis response

We are small countries with people with brave hearts, and Google is the largest institutions with which we can share our idea in the hope that together we will find a way to implement it. 

We need your help to launch a global World Wide campaign CLICK FOR COIN which would try to find funds for the restoration of our countries. Please note that this would be the first time that the peoples of the former Yugoslavia together fighting for a noble cause, after terrible wars that have in recent decades hit the whole region

We need your support to find any position, any link, and any webpage, any… who will pay for clicks, and transfer all funds to humanitarian accounts dedicated for this case.  

There would be a clearly that all campaign is supported by Google and I am sure that any out compatriot all around the world would click for coin… and not only people from former Yugoslavia (we have support from a lot of other countries)

In future, this can be a model for similar campaigns all over the world, with the hope that there would be no human suffering.

I hope this dream can become real.


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